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Monday, 19 October 2009 08:36

In all renewable energy projects, "start at the other end" - decide upon what your actual energy needs are, AFTER having done a very careful audit, and a minimisation of use of power  (particularly electrical power) - look to find alternatives to using electricity wherever possible - insulate until it hurts - then do your sums carefully for an "all in one" solution.

(Even if you aren't able to do all the work in one fell swoop, it pays to do it in stages, where necessary making provision for later work - it can save a small fortune)




Discussion and help - - I'm "Admin" - a good online forum for all aspects of renewables - you'll be made most welcome



Probably the best UK online resource for in-depth information on the subject - - don't be fooled by the webdesign, Hugh Piggott knows his onions, and wrote half the textbooks

Website of the chap who wrote the other half of thetextbooks -

Makers and suppliers of some good robust turbines - very nice to deal with -

Another good and reasonably-priced UK maker -

Manufacturers of themost reliable "Rutland" range of small turbines (again, great to deal with!) -



Discussion - the Navitron Forum

Locally - - friendly and helpful local firm - give Cleland a ring on 01273-555822 for a free no-obligation quote -( PV Systems also supplied), or buy the bits for a diy solar hot water install from



Discussion - the Navitron Forum
Stockists -











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Saturday, 19 September 2009 20:45

Thanks to some malevolent internet gremlins, the site has been "down" for a few days - full functionality will be restored shortly




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